Work in progress

Work in progress:
I. Milstein, A. Tishler 
“Is Green Healthy for Competition? Renewable Technologies, Optimal Generation Mix and Price Volatility in Competitive Electricity Markets”    
S. Hadad, A. Tishler
“Is All Volunteer Force preferred to the Draft in Israel?”      
Y. Harel, A. Tishler, D. Dvir
“A Single Long-term R&D Project or a Sequence of Short-term R&D Projects?” 
E. Pecht, A. Tishler
"On the Value of Differentiated Military Intelligence" 
R. Bar-El, E. Pecht, A. Tishler
"On the Value Human Capital in Military Organizations" 
A. Gilad, A. Tishler, O. Barzilay
"Mitigating the Risk of Advanced Cyber-Attackers" 
N. Gal, I. Milstein, A. Tishler, C.K. Woo
"The Effect of Fuel Cost Uncertainty on Capacity Investment: Dual Fuel Capability and Technology Mix".